Code Hosting

Keep your code safe and ease collabaration on group projects using our code-hosting service.

Getting an account


Private and Internal Repos

All accounts are “external” accounts with no private repositories on creation. An admin can grant internal status to any group member who contacts one of them (sorry, there isn’t an automated way to do this).

Private repositories will also be enabled. As a general rule, the limit is ten private repositories per account. If active members require more, contact an admin who will be happy to raise the limit.

Automated Testing

The group has a handful of CI nodes (the exact number depends on usage and resource availability, but is usually at least 2), members can use these to run CI tasks and deploy pages. If you wish, you can also host your own (private) CI nodes for your projects.

Static Site Hosting

GitLab features tightly integrated static site hosting. You can deploy sites using any static site framework using CI tasks. Some good options are Hugo, maven, j2static or Jekyll). Our members have made heavy use of static site hosting, using it for everything from portfolio pages, to workshops and university courses.

You can set up a custom domain, or you can use a subdomain on our dedicated static site domain ( Check the guide on how to do this. You can also use existing projects as examples.