Managing your account

Altering your account infomation.

Connecting to the server

Using your SSH client on choice, connect to If your local username differs from your username, remember to put

$ ssh

If you have ssh keys set up, you might need to tell the server who you are using kinit:

$ kinit

This should be handled automatically if you’ve logged in using a password.

SSH forwarding

For security reasons, most of our servers cannot be accessed directly over ssh from the internet. To access them you need to use the VPN server as a bastion host.

On your local machine, edit ~/.ssh/config to forward connections via the VPN server:

Host *
  ProxyCommand ssh -A -W %h:%p

You’ll need to change username to manage your username.

You will now be able to access the other servers by using their internal names, for example:


management over the shell

Once connected, you can make use of the usual shell commands. Some useful ones are:

change password used for SSH/network services
Command-line editor
about 200 Words.