How branding is used.


Our current logo designs were created by SuborbitalPigeon, they're very nice and available in SVG and PNG.

FOSS Galaxy Logo

You can find the other versions in the branding repository.

Colour Pallet

These are the colours that we used on the website. They're based on the Tango colour scheme.

Name Colour Use
Primary #204a87 Headers, title bars, accents
Secondary #ce5c00 Hover effects, accents
Dark #2e3436 Title bars, Dark Text, Dark backgrounds
Light #f8f9fa Page bodies, light text

If needed, you can augment this with other colours from the tango pallet.


The recommended fonts are generally well supported, and under FOSS licences

Name Use
Comfortaa Main Headings
Noto Sans Body, captions, etc...
Fira Code Source Code, Fixed Width (has code ligatures)
200 Words.